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“Farewell 2020, even after we say goodbye it will be difficult for us to forget you.

Farewell 2020, you have taken a lot.

Careers, companies, millions of lives including those of Maradona, Seah Connery, Gigi Proietti, John Baldessari, Luis Sepùlveda, Enzo Mari, Kobe Bryant, Ezio Bosso, Chadwick Boseman… .. just to name a few.

You have taken too much, people, friends, relatives, memories ..

However, you have taught us that distance can be a value, and how to give a meaning to time and expectations. You have reiterated (once again ...) that all lives are valuable regardless the colour of the skin, and that anger and violence in the streets comes out from hate, ignorance, inequality and confrontation.

You also taught us the meaning of words like “resilience” and gave us an opportunity to rebuild and improve ourselves.

We have lost a lot, but this has given us the opportunity to value what we have and what is worth the sacrifcice. Always.

You reminded us what it means to "improvise" and be able to deal with unpredictability, improbability and uncertainty.

You have restored our faith in science and progress.

You have been a terrible teacher, but you certainly have taught us a lesson that we will not forget.

Farewell 2020, you have been horrible and with all our heart we wish that the worst is now behind us. Being aware that it depends only on us, on how much we have learned in a year, on how strong we want to be and on how much, once and for all, we will understand that we are all interconnected and that we must take care of each other.

Farewell 2020, I give you a minimal, light and useful object, which subconsciously will evoke a liberating feeling in all of us, with which we usually greet something we are pleased to leave behind, and get rid of,

something that is somehow, part of our life. A bit like you.

Farewell 2020, no one has any idea what the future will bring, but we all shall always remember to flush the toilet, wash our hands and leave the environment clean for those who come after us ...

Matteo Pellegrino, December 2020 "

pic by Federico Floriani

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