how to approach the design of the trophy for a cultural prize?
The challenge was to design an object that had not only the identity of trophy, but also a real function that would make it useful for everyday life, therefore starring in a habit.

talking about a cultural association was therefore decided to work around the concept of the book as a cultural bridge, and think in terms of craftsmanship with traditional materials.

we have chosen a particular wood, which had its own history and its own identity, ie the aged oak in water of a briccola Venetian replaced on average at intervals of about 10 years. Using this wood recycle means to both the material and the history

placed horizontally the trophy offers space for some books that lined form a path and then ideally a bridge

working wood carvings of practicing it have an object that changes its function depending on whether you are in portrait or landscape, satisfying the aesthetic requirements of a trophy together with the need to turn it into an object of use.

Photo credits: Federica Santeusanio