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for Campdesign Gallery, Milano 2017 

A series of unique pieces inspired by the classical forms of Greek and Roman amphorae which in ancient times were considered units of measure and were recorded in transport by sea or land with the "@" ideogram.

It is peculiar to note how today this ideogram is part of our daily life assuming a completely new connotation but nevertheless retaining points of contact with its origin.
In fact it constitutes a transport or transfer no more than oil or wine but of words, thoughts and feelings.

Each vase of this series is made in polyurethanic foam and resin without the use of molds,
and wants to be the representation of a universal or of a particular message such as love, art, beauty or war, concepts that are present in the being human since the discovery of fire, the primordial form of technology.

Each vase therefore represents its own defined and unrepeatable "content", and the series is not destined to be limited or to have an end. However, the vases are unique.

The worn, vilified, mortified appearance... in short, the subjective "ugliness" that accompanies every object derives from my desire to represent a "lived experience" with the peaks of joy and beauty, as well as the wounds and discomforts that belong to characterize the uniqueness of both people and objects.

In this way, in my opinion, we can identify with the object itself by reviewing in the polymateriality and in the overlaps, the stratifications and the sedimentations of the experiences that make our lives and every object of the series unique.


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